Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And the Person of the Year is...

The Protester!

That's right. Time Magazine announced their person of the year and, as in the past, they bestowed that honor on a group (they've also bestowed it on "you" and "the earth" before). It's a great point for Time to do this because it shows just how in touch some people are.

Now, you may not agree with the OWS movement, but you have to realize that it is just one of the groups being praised. There have been unheard of demonstrations all over the world this past year, and those demonstrations have inspired each other and effected great change worldwide. Now, some people, not naming names, are not happy with this decision by Time. But like Time's decisions in the past, this is not a condoning of protesters, but an acknowledgment of their influence and popularity.

We have seen a very interesting year, and there's been a lot of changes happening both domestically and overseas. A lot of that has to do with these protesters and the uprisings and social statements they've been making. Whether you agree with them or not, you have to admit that they have had a major impact globally, and continue to do so.

So here's to the protesters. Thank you for standing up against corruption, and claiming the equality and voice that we all deserve.

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