Thursday, November 3, 2011


How many issues is our country facing right now that need congressional involvement? There's the budget deficit, the national debt, unemployment, immigration, taxes, Wall St. reform, banking regulatory reform, wars, federal funding for myriad services, international economic crises, energy reform, trade, sanctions, health care, poverty, inflation, and quite a few other things besides. Yet our Congress has chosen not to tackle these big issues. Nope, the two big things they've done this week are entirely and utterly useless.

First, they passed a resolution to remind themselves of the United States motto "In God We Trust". Yes, instead of debating tax reforms, regulations, or helping America's unemployed, our representatives are passing a resolution that is essentially a resume-builder that has absolutely no bearing on anything.

Second, They voted to subpoena the White House over the Solyndra scandal. Here, we have Congressional Republicans who decide that they can score a few more political cheap shots off of this, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with our current economic climate. The amount of money lost on the Solyndra deal is nothing...nothing...when compared to what we've spent on weapons for the wars. Not only that, but the Solyndra deal is over and done with, yet our leaders are still trying to press the issue, even as we're spending who-knows-how much money a day to fight overseas wars. The irony of this is appalling.

So, it's pretty clear that Congress can't agree to do anything useful, but will joing forces to promote the useless. They won't help any of the issues we have, but they'll gladly do what they can to make themselves look good. There seems to be no thought of servitude in Washington besides self-servitude. No one is representing their constituents anymore.

I know that our two parties don't see eye to eye on very much....or anything, really....but that's no excuse for them to sit on their hands except when they're patting themselves on the back or poking each other in the eye. Compromise and debate have been absent for years now, and we need to bring back that classic political process if we are going to work out these big issues we are all experiencing. If this current crop of representatives can't do that, we need to elect some that can.

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