Thursday, November 17, 2011

Slow News Day

Usually around this time, I'm able to find something that I feel is worth posting. Today seems to be a slow day for news though. There have been a handful of vaguely interesting articles, but nothing really jumps out at me.

What I noticed from trolling around, though, is just what kind of stories are being covered, by whom, and what the angles are. For example, folks like Limbaugh, Beck and Fox news are doing a lot of pieces on OWS, the arrests that have occurred, the anarchy and violence that's erupted, and so on. Other places, like Huffington Post, are posting articles about OWS as well, but it's more about how an 84 year-old woman was pepper sprayed, or how police have threatened to arrest peaceful protesters after saying they would leave them alone.

Fox News had a big story on its front page about Solyndra. Other news outlets barely gave a blurb on the energy secretary hearing, and don't really go into how the taxpayers have lost an amount of money on the Solyndra deal that is incomparable next to what's been spent on the wars.

There are so many news outlets on the internet, all bringing you their take on the news. But what really gets me is how anyone can claim that there is a bias in news. Of course there's bias. Everyone has bias toward one thing or another. The internet balances all of that out, and makes it easier for people of a particular political slant to latch onto communities that share their views. Saying that media has a bias is ridiculous. Saying it has a liberal bias is misleading. Business has a self-interest bias, and nothing more.

So, on a slow news day like today, take the time to reflect on the fact that your news is mostly designed with money in mind, that news outlets are bland to point of uselessness, and that the only realm of  free ideas left to us is being cornered by Washington to make it a good deal less free.

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