Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Skeletons in the Closet

I told myself I would not report on the whole Cain/sexual harassment thing, but the continuing coverage over this story, particularly from the Right Wing Media that is defending Cain is just driving me nuts.

First of all, you have people like Ann Coulter who are alleging that this is a racially motivated attack, that the Dems are pursuing this story to discredit a black Republican. Then, you have Cain himself saying he thinks this is a racially-charged attack on his character (which is interesting because he does not deny the charges, nor offers any explanation for his actions).

I guess the thing that really bothers me about this is how Cain is trying to play the victim in this. He's the one that allegedly harassed three women back in the 90's. Yet the RWM is defending him, saying that he's being targeted.

Just to put this in perspective, recall the Anthony Weiner scandal from not too long ago. Weiner did not commit a crime. His actions may have been more recent, but they were still within the law. Yet, when the pictures of Weiner came out, the media had a field day, with the RWM leading the way. Here's Ann Coulter discussing her view on the Anthony Weiner Scandal. And here is what she had to say about the Cain incident. For reference, here is what Rush Limbaugh also had to say about Weiner and about Cain.

You'll notice a few things. First, Coulter completely contradicts herself. When it's the Weiner scandal, she says "The basic Republican response is not to attack the person who just releases the information" in regards to sex scandals. But when it is Cain's sexual harassment claims, she targets Politico for breaking the story. Also, you'll notice that when Weiner was targeted, Limbaugh thought it was a national joke. Now when Cain is having to defend against allegations, suddenly it's a race issue that we should all be appalled at.

Second, when it comes to Cain, they don't debate the moral issue of harassment, but give it a quick nod, say it's bad, and then go back to talking about how it's a race thing. You know, I doubt anyone would have thought twice about Cain's race in this situation if RWM hadn't been harping on it 24/7. They're acting like John Cleese in Faulty Towers: "Don't mention the War!" It wouldn't be an issue, but they just keep on mentioning it.

I don't think Cain should drop out of the race over this. I don't think it disqualifies him as a candidate. I think he should be allowed to stand on his politics like everyone else and let himself sink or swim because of them. I may not like his policies, I may think he's dangerously inexperienced, but I respect that he has a message and that he has the right to express it. If this turns into a legal issue where it comes out that Cain broke the law or is going to be part of a criminal investigation, then I would strongly recommend to him that he drop out of the race.

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