Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Never Enough

I've noticed that there's been a lot of dirt being tossed around over this Super Committee failing to come to an agreement. Dems are blaming the GOP for being unwilling to compromise, GOPers are blaming the Dems for being unwilling to give them everything they want so the Dems get to keep the government running. There are political pundits and Presidential candidates who are taking swipes at Obama for the kill-switch deal, for not being more involved, for being too involved, for existing, etc. In essence, we've seen a hyped-up version of what has been a non-stop mud-slinging contest for almost four years.

The thing that really bothers me about all of this is that no one group has all the answers, there's no magic solution that will fix everything overnight, and yet these are the things that are being espoused by our representatives. All we are hearing is "if we just repeal Obamacare" or "if we just deregulate the markets" or "if we just cut the size of government" and these solutions are misleading and false. First of all, no one of these things alone will solve any more problems than they would create. Second, they are playing more to rhetoric than actual good policy.

A friend of mine pointed out that not one of the people who are proclaiming to have the solution seem to have even a most basic understanding of the problem. None of them are saying "I promise to not do a single thing until I know everything there is to know about this issue." Instead, they offer gimmicks to the people, they offer one-liners for applause, and they rake in contributions on platitudes. But none of them have any idea how to fix our situation.

This issue with the Super-Committee is a great example. None of the politicians can say anything that sounds like a solution to this crisis they created. Democrats failed to pass a budget when they were in power, the GOP has failed to do it since, they are wrangling over the Super Committee failure, but no one is offering any way to avert "catastrophe." In the end, it's all a blame game. Obama seems to be getting an unfair portion of that, since he is not supposed to inject himself in Congressional affairs (if he did, he'd be attacked by these same people as a dictator cramming his will down their throats), but has been attacked for inaction.

There never seems to be enough crap flying around to make people stop and wonder what this is all for. Why not just sit down and agree that both sides have good points and that there needs to be a compromise? It's too much to ask for, I know, but it's desperately needed, and the minute we get it, the better of we'll be.

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