Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Net Neutrality

Al Franken writes a great article about Net Neutrality, and how it has, once again, come under attack by conservatives. Not only does he describe Net Neutrality very plainly, but in such a way that you can pretty clearly see that the "government takeover of the internet" that GOPers have been going on about is a downright lie.

For one thing, we have Net Neutrality NOW! the Internet is, by definition and design, neutral. It is not compromised by special interests at all. This is the way it's always been. It's why sites that express outrageous views and opinions are able to exist without any kind of limitation from internet providers.

Taking away net neutrality, though, takes away the freedom of this information. What would stop a political party from paying service providers to limit access and slow connection speeds to their opponent's sites? What stops companies or groups from paying to limit access to groups they don't agree with? What's to stop major corporations from blocking access to small businesses? The answer is, nothing. Net neutrality makes everyone equal, and that is the power for the internet. Its information is free, its services open, and you can go anywhere and read anything you want without having to deal with censorship.

If Net Neutrality is taken away, the internet will lose its draw as the best source of information and communication we have, and become more like a syndicated news show. It will be bland, neutral, politically correct trash. There will be no difference of opinion, no freedom of expression, and no way of accessing more diverse content. It will mean that the internet and its information has become profit-driven, not freedom-driven, and that we will all lose out.

Stand up for Net Neutrality! If we don't have a system of free trading ideas, free speech, and a forum to voice our views, we have lost our ability to learn and understand the world once again. This is perhaps the single most important issue facing us today. And it shouldn't even be an issue! Net Neutrality is good for everyone. Getting rid of it is going to turn our internet into the internet of China, where information is blocked and only "approved" sites will be allowed. This is not America, this is not freedom, and this is not about saving the people from a "government takeover." Ending Net Neutrality IS a government takeover.

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