Friday, November 4, 2011

The Great American Oligarchy

Paul Krugman does it again. This exceptional piece points out that we are well on our way out of the realm of democracy and moving into Oligarchy, where the wealthy and well-connected have everything: power, privilege, and control of government. The rising inequality in America is reaching such a level that it is hard to comprehend, let alone combat.

Krugman points out that many pundits and those who are trying to defend this system are pulling the wool over our eyes and muddying the argument by saying that it's about education, or that the numbers are false, or that this is class warfare. Well, the truth is, the disparity between rich and poor in America has reached a level normally only seen in Third World Dictatorships. So, is this just a fluke? No. This is a sinister plot to turn America into a place where the wealthy have everything and the rest have nothing.

Americans are already being thrown out of their homes. The middle class (where I am) has not seen a wage increase of significance in years and, thanks to inflation and cuts in pay, are now making less money than they have since the 70's. Meanwhile, we hear about how our social safety net is costing us too much, how people are mooching off the system, how the unemployed are at fault for their situations. Voting rights are beins restricted in many states, redistricting is being done that will nullify the popular vote and cause Republicans to be elected that did not win the election, and people are being fed distortions in our media that push them to elect people who's vision of America is in direct contrast to the majority of voter's interests.

As I've said before, the ultimate goal of these trends is to create a system in America where the wealth have the power, the voice, the money, the health, and the education. Our schools are failing, more and more students are being pushed into for-profit schools, and teachers who are perfectly qualified and competent are being fired because of things beyond their control. Eventually, education will not be a right, it will be a privelege as the public school system is dismantled in the name of profit. Our health care system is already operating as if it were meant to make money, not safeguard the lives and health of citizens. The world is being turned into a money machine, and those too poor to pay into it are being left out in the cold.

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