Friday, November 18, 2011

Failure is an Option

The Supercommittee has been dawdling on its plan to help save our government, and now the deadline is less than a week away. There's been all kinds of speculation about why this is and why it matters. Some say that it's because the two parties just don't cooperate. Other people say that it's one group in particular that is the problem. Some say the supercommitte can vote itself extra time, or that it was not meant to work from the beginning.

Paul Krugman makes a good case for why the supercommittee is doomed to fail and why that's a good thing. The point is that our two parties are so dramatically different in their policies and beliefs on how the world works that no amount of time would ever forge a comprehensive and effective compromise. Krugman points out that the world views of both parties are so alien to each other that they can't even be combined.

In a way, I hope Krugman is right. I really hope that our government and it's officials can sit down together and hammer out a plan that has nothing to do with party politics and has everything to do with the welfare of our nation. I think the supercommittee with fail, but I don't think that will be a strong enough catalyst to get the parties to negotiate. I don't know what will bring everyone together, but this constant in-fighting is getting dangerously repetitive.

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