Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Doesn't get plainer than this

Great article here by Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone. He lays it out nice and neat, and easy to understand. This is common sense at it's finest, and the point he makes is so clear and obvious that it can hardly be refuted: the GOP panders to the wealthy at the expense of the rich. Their policies benefit that top 1% to a much greater degree to everyone else. They talk about job creation and growth, small businesses and American exceptionalism, but they forfeit all of this in the name of greater wealth concentrated to the top.

I don't know how much more evidence people need to see this stuff. It's so clear that it boggles my mind people can deny it. What further gets to me is that people who are continually dragged through the mud by GOP policy will vote for them. It astounds me. Some vote GOP because of things that have nothing to do with political or economic platforms, but social ones. They vote GOP because they're pro-life, even though a majority of Democrats are as well. They vote GOP because they believe the GOP is pro-2nd Amendment, which is ridiculous because everyone is in some way or another (Dems just have more common sense about guns, but sense has a liberal bias, which is why Cons don't use it). Some vote GOP over other random things that don't make sense, but the point is, they are voting for individuals who will make their lives harder.  Why on earth would anyone do  that?

Either they don't see it at all, or they feel these other policies outweigh the downsides to voting Republican. Or, option three, they honestly believe that the GOP has their best interests at heart. They've chugged the mantra-based kool-aid, they believe that tax cuts for the rich will help the poor, they believe that schools are breeding grounds for socialism, and that privatization is referenced in the Bible as being God's favorite economic system for everything. It's nuts, but you have to be nuts to appreciate and accept these beliefs.

I really hope that the majority of Americans can see the nature of the GOP, can see what their intentions are, and rise up against them. The classic GOP of fiscal responsibility is gone, and this twisted and corrupted version is only serving those who need no help.

Read this article. Everything in it is well-written and incredibly poignant, from the history of government taxation to the formation of the "starve the beast" tactics that Reagan began and then backed off from. It's enlightening, disheartening, and provocative all at the same time

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