Monday, November 28, 2011

A Bold Solution in Search of a Problem

Cain has been toting his "bold solution" which is 9-9-9 for a while now. He has claimed, time and again, that this one plan will solve all of our problems: inequal taxation, excessive government, bank and financial institution greed and mismanagement, Market volatility, endless wars, and the list goes on. At least, that's the way it sounds. However, Cain is not just a one-act show. He's got a whole lot of other ideas too.

This one in particular caught my interest. Cain, like many conservatives today, believe we should end the payroll tax cut, cut unemployment benefits, and reform the tax code. The interesting thing is that, when you suggest allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire, Cain says this is a bad idea, because a) you should not raise taxes on "job creators" and b) you don't raise taxes during a recession.

What strikes me as odd is that Cain and the others seem to have a serious disconnect in their minds between raising taxes on the poor and on the rich. Cain's signature plan would raise the taxes of the poor while slashing those of the wealthy. His proposal to let the payroll tax cut expire is the same as raising taxes on the poor (this using the logic of Grover Norquist, who is unusually silent on this latest push to raise taxes). The utter ridiculousness of these positions is that the changes in tax will bring in a good amount of money, but will also leave the poor with less. Furthermore, those poor individuals now paying more in tax are being left behind by the continued cuts in our government's social programs. So, the Republicans are calling for increased taxes on the poor, decreased taxes on the wealthy, and cuts to social programs that benefit the poor and help them to make ends meet.

In other words, Republicans are interested in increasing the wealth gap, starving the middle class, and returning us, not to the 90's when we had the biggest economic boom in history, but back to the 1900's when the wealthy had a monopoly on government, jobs, wealth, and prosperity, and the masses were left to suffer. It seems that this is their ideal vision of America. It is scary.

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