Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bad Religion

I consider myself pretty spiritual. In my opinion, religion can be practiced very well or very wrong. Unfortunately, most of the time it's practiced wrong. This is an example of one of those times.

The part about Rick Womick saying Allah is a false God is not as bothersome to me as when he says that you can't compare atrocities done by Muslims in the name of Allah to atrocities committed by Christians (like Anders Breivik in Norway) because Allah is a false God and Islam is a religion of extremists. Womick says that isolated Christians committing these atrocities means nothing about the religion, but isolated Muslims committing these atrocities damns their whole religion to extremist haters.

The hypocrisy here is staggering. First of all, only a handful of Muslims have carried out terrorist acts or killed anyone in the name of Allah. This is exactly the same thing for Christianity: a small handful have killed or committed acts of "terrorism" in the name of their God. Look at the bombing of abortion clinics and the killing of doctors who perform abortion. Look at the Spanish Inquisition, the intolerance of Europe only a few centuries ago. Look at our own history, where Native Americans were butchered for failing to convert to Christianity.

Now that we have that history lesson out of the way, time for another lesson. That is, no major religion of the world decrees violence against other groups of people any more than the others. There is just as much call in the Bible to kills Muslims as there is in the Quran to kill Christians. The only religion that I know of that does not have anything to do with killing it's rivals is Buddhism. However, this is also ironic, since countries like Korea and China where Buddhism is the predominant religion also happen to be the greatest oppressors of Christians.

The point is that any religion will produce individuals bent on destruction and death to those who don't agree with them. It is inevitable. The fact that this man, who is an elected member of state office, is saying that Muslims as a whole should be condemned for acts of violence in the name of their God but Christians as a whole should not be is absolutely hypocritical. This is not even getting into the gross disrespect that Womick is showing Muslims. He doesn't have to convert to Islam, he doesn't have to believe in Allah, but neither does he have to demonize an entire religion.

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