Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A tourniquet

VP Joe Biden was on the Today show this morning making his case for why Congress has not been passing the bills put forward by Dems to help the economy and jobs. Biden did a great job in the interview, correctly pointing out that the that was voted down last night by the GOP was full of policies that the GOP has historically supported (tax cuts for small business, and spending on infrastructure). Biden's point was that the GOP has no intention of doing anything to help the economy, focusing instead on disrupting our recovery and using that ineffectiveness to try and blame Obama and label him a failure.

Biden said that the GOP are complaining that the solutions proposed by the Dems are not big enough, helpful enough, and only temporary, and so are useless. Biden disagreed with this analysis and made a great analogy to support his view.

Suppose you find yourself coming across a car accident, and there is a man on the ground with broken back and an artery that is bleeding freely. In that situation, it makes sense to apply a tourniquet to the artery to stop the bleeding. Even though the tourniquet is temporary, it can still be helpful and will likely save the man's life.

It makes great sense, so much so that I doubt GOPers will acknowledge it. Temporary solutions that stop the jobs from bleeding out of our economy are better than doing nothing and waiting for a single bill to solve all the problems. Essentially, the GOP is saying that they won't help the economy until they can solve all the problems at once, even if solutions are available now.

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