Monday, October 3, 2011

The new conservative campaign

Here are three articles that adequately define the nature of the new American Right.

First, we have an article about how conservative millionaires are paying for the campaigns of people in all kinds of positions across the country. The amount of money and power being thrown into campaigns and Super PAC's is astounding, and even more alarming is that there is no consideration of who might be best suited to the job in question, it's all about who will deliver what the financiers want. When this happens, those that aren't holding the purse strings (you and I) lose out.

Second, we have an article about how Koch Industries has been intentionally ignoring the law and conducting lucrative deals with Iran and other nations and businesses that are of a questionable nature. Considering that the Koch brothers are the financial supporters of the Tea Party, it's pretty clear that there are a lot of concerns with this type of behavior. The Koch brothers have not only convinced a large group of Americans to fight against their own best interests and the government they depend on, but they are further disgracing Washington by conducting illegal operations overseas. And of course, this is not being investigated by the DOJ.

Finally, we have an article that sheds some light on the individual who likely has more to do with the current problems in Washington and their effects across America: Eric Cantor. Cantor is a very unique individual that embodies that new model for the GOP: he's unapologetic, sees every measure of dissent as an attack against, him, his values, his party, and his nation, convinced of his own correctness to the point of being unbelievingly rigid, and completely unaware of his own responsibilities and how he is failing them.

Taken together, it sheds some light on the new conservative campaign in America. It's a move toward corporate interests, wealthy rule instead of majority rule, drives to dismantle public safeguards in the name of corporate profits, and all of this being done by a group of people who are completely convinced that they are acting in everyone's best interests that they have no concept of the damage they are doing to our Democracy.

One of the interesting aspects of the new conservative mentality is the belief that they are right and everyone else is wrong, no matter what. This is why there is no discussion of compromising or reasoning in the legions of the Tea Party and many of the Republicans: they see any deal with Democrats as a complete giveaway. It's all or nothing, black and white, reason and right be damned.

So, with conservative millionaires buying elections and political movements like the Tea Party, pushing for deregulation, conducting illegal deals worldwide, and their conservative puppets in Washington believing in this mission whole-heartedly, where are we heading (or, where have we gone)? It seems as though the voice of the People is being silenced by the ever-increasing influence of the wealthy minority. It seems as though the best interests of the working and middle class is no longer the focus of attention and energy. We hear about "job creators" and the oppressive government, even though there is no indication, even from businesses, that it is government that is holding them back.

We need to realize that the GOP, as it is now, does not represent the interests of America as a whole, nor does it consider the rights and liberties of average Americans. The future of our government is one in which we have no voice, no control, and no idea that we have lost a major part of our society. We must demand change, we must demand a different way of doing things. We must stand up for ourselves, because right now, very few are doing it.

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