Monday, October 31, 2011

More evidence of ignoring reality

I really don't understand how anyone that is poor or in the working middle class can support the Republicans, especially when they pull stunts like this.

I'm all for a meaningful and effective tax code. I think that our current tax system has problems. For one thing, it is too easy for the wealthy to get out of paying taxes at all. I know that a large percentage of the poor pay nothing, and that the relative number of the wealthy who don't is small, but here's the thing: the rich can afford to pay taxes; the poor can't.

So, when the Republicans say that the poor (and that means ALL of them) should have to pay something in taxes, they don't seem to understand that they are asking a group who can barely support themselves to kick in money while they let the poor have a pass because...well, I'm not really sure why, really. Other than that the rich fund their campaigns.

Asking the poor to pay taxes when you aren't closing the loopholes for the wealthy is asking the poor to give up something they need to survive while allowing the wealthy to continue living very comfortably. There is something wrong with that.

Also, keep in mind that Republicans want to dismantle the social safety net. They want to get rid of the programs that the poor depend on. These are not programs that the poor become a part of for the fun of it. This is so they can survive. The reason food stamps and similar programs are costing so much more right now is because the people are unemployed at a much higher rate. But we offer the poor fuel assistance and food stamps because it is inhumane to allow them to freeze or starve when it is within our power to provide for them, simply because they can't afford it. That callous, deranged view of humanity is not fit for our nation, and we should not allow it to take root in our government.

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