Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The issue with 9-9-9

Herman Cain, the current "front-runner" for GOP presidential nominee, has been boasting about his "9-9-9" plan for quite a while now. To, it sounded as though the numbers might not add up. Cain, of course, has denounced anyone who disagrees with him, calling their analysis incorrect.

So I wonder what he would say if he happened to read this? I'm sure he'd try to steer around some of the more glaring problems the article points out, but there's no escaping that fact that either Cain didn't think this through (and neither did his economists), he's deliberately targeting the poor, or he was lied to by the people he has said helped him create this plan.

The point is, this is the cornerstone of Cain's campaign, and it's a flop...a very dangerous flop. If he were to implement this, it would be a disaster for the poor and a hayday for the rich. It's not about what's fair, as Cain keeps saying. Fairness does not mean everyone pays the same percentage in tax. Fairness is everyone giving according to their ability and taking according to their need. The poor need more and can afford less. That's the bottom line.

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Lexi Lou said...

While I disagree with the 9-9-9 plan, as do you Chain-thinker, I also think some of the poor are poor due to their own fault. I completely agree that people should give as they are able, but for that to happen, don't we need a shift in the way American's think? Don't people need to go back and understand what a "need" really is? Don't we need to change the "race to the top" or "every man for himself" mentality?

I am neither a Democrat nor Republican, but I do agree with you that Herman Cain would be bad for us. Do you happen to have a suggestion for Mr. Cain--perhaps a plan that might work better?