Monday, October 31, 2011

Facing the Facts

Conservatives like to pound certain theories into the political discussion. The current GOP nominees are certainly no exception. It's interesting that they all favor the same basic positions on government, especially when at least one of the key tenants of their belief system has been proven false...again.

The idea that tax cuts and deregulation creates jobs has been soundly debunked to anyone beyond the super-conervative base. It's pretty clear from the evidence of past and present trends in jobs and taxes and regulation that these things have very little to do with jobs.

So this article may seem a little redundant, but what makes it interesting is that Bruce Bartlett, a former economist for GHW Bush and the idolistic love-child of the Republican movement, Ronald Reagan.

Reagan, you may recall, championed this idea of lower taxes and regulation being a job creator. Unfortunately, the GOPers who currently praise Reagan force themselves to forget that Reagan raised taxes on many people, and slashed spending to such a degree that mentally ill individuals were literally bussed out of closing mental institutions and dropped off on street corners, thus creating our homeless population.

These conservative ideas that we can cut our way to prosperity, that we can deregulate the markets and let them sink or swim on their own, or that somehow cutting taxes will magically create jobs is ridiculous. Unfortunately, that's the core of the Republican rhetoric, and any self-styling conservative who doesn't agree with this shown the door very quick. The more people push to the Right, the more devoted they become to this fauly logic, and the more they demand it of their government.

Whether they listen or not, this information needs to be made available to people. Most people don't take the time to research and investigate claims made by most people. They rely on media, and so media has to do it's job by presenting unbiased and factual information to viewers. That may be difficult or impossible, but it's what needs to happen.

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