Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Worldwide Revolution

This is happening now. In New York City on Wall St., thousands of protesters have been picketing for days in protest against the institutionalized money and power that the stock brokers control. In countries all over the world, The protests are raging and the activists are gathering.

The primary grievance? All around the world, the complaint is that our vote is no longer meaningful. And why is that? Because the financial institutions in these countries have taken a greater interest in the elections and political process, essentially marginalizing the voters.

This is happening in America with the SuperPACs that have been flooding political campaigns with millions of dollars from anonymous donors. Each of these PAC's is the official donor of the money, but they don't have to say where they got the money from. What this does is essentially eliminates the need for candidates to run their own campaign fundraising or even depend on the people for anything at all except a vote.

It used to be that most politicians received a majority of their funding from middle-class donors. It might not have been much, but it totaled more than they received from other groups. Now, politicians don't even need to worry about raising money from drives or fancy dinners. Super PAC's will do the work for them, and with fewer strings attached. What does this mean for we, the people? That our influence on our politicians is waning dangerously.

Politicians owe the most to those who pay for their campaigns. When big oil dumps money into the coffers of congressmen and women, they're trying to buy support for their continued prosperity. When industries like banks support politicians, they are doing this so they can get favors in return such as looser restrictions and better bargains on trades. This is the way it's always been done, but never at this level.

This is a definitive issue of our political process. Sure, politicians still need the people to vote their way, but study after study have shown that a media blitz of ads and speeches is sufficient to clinch most people's votes. A GOP candidate that gets the nomination is almost certain to get most conservatives' votes. All they need is to get their name out there and people will vote for them.

We should be very worried about these issues. Our government is being controlled by special interest groups and lobbyists whose industries are benefitting from the decisions of the politicans they've bought and paid for. We need to change things in order to get back to a place where the people are the focus of our government. We need to end lobbying, end anonymous and unlimited donation, and allow oversight into the funding of Washington. When that's done, I think we may see a change in the policies and practices of our politicians, and a greater effort to serve the people of America and the world.

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