Monday, September 19, 2011

What we can Expect

Obama unveiled his jobs bill. Boehner countered it. Obama is unveiling the new Buffet Plan, and the GOP has sent Paul Ryan into the fray to claim that "This is War." Ryan is fighting Obama over whether the rich should take on a greater tax burden. Obviously, Ryan doesn't think so. But Ryan goes a step further by saying that the taxes should be raised on the middle class instead by allowing Obama's payroll tax cut to expire. Ryan said this is because the intent of the cut was to help the economy and it has failed.

Unfortunately, Ryan neglects the rather great hypocrisy of this when it was Bush that passed the sweeping tax cuts for the wealthy that were supposed to boost jobs and the economy. Now, if Ryan is saying that anything that was ineffective should be allowed to expire, he should support allowing the Bush tax cuts to go away, since they have helped keep us in this economic slump.

It amazes me that the GOP now believe that "compromise" means getting everything that they want and Congress passes the bill. That's not compromise, that's holding the nation hostage. Compromise is allowing there to be an adult discussion of every possibility, including but not limited to tax increases, spending cuts, restructuring programs, and getting rid of wasteful and needless regulation or programs.

The problem we are seeing with the GOP now is that they are not willing to negotiate, opting instead to take on an all-or-nothing mentality. Their goal, it seems, is to privatize as much of the government as possible, dismantle our safety and health regulations, and put more and more power into the hands of the investors, CEOs, and other major moguls of our economy. But the nation needs an effective government, not more fighting and gridlock. The Republicans are putting party before policy and politics before prosperity.

We don't need more taxes on the middle class, we don't need to loosen restrictions on business, we don't need to dismantle government to save money! We need to be smart, understand that the wealthy are getting wealthier, the poor are getting poorer, and the programs that more and more are relying on are being taken apart. We need a better option than what the GOP is toting, and Obama's got it. We need to listen to him.

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