Friday, September 23, 2011

Well, which is it?

Compare the following stories.

Rush Limbaugh complains that Obama ripped off a line that Limbaugh wrote in a piece back in the 1980's. Limbaugh is abashed and angered that Obama used his own words "verbatim" (they weren't verbatim) without giving Limbaugh the credit. HP found at least 7 individuals who relate similar words to Limbaugh's, many of whom said them before Rush.

Rush Limbaugh points out that Gary Johnson used a joke of Limbaugh's in the GOP presidential debate on Thursday night. Far from being angered about the blatant plagiarism, Limbaugh passed it off with a laugh and said "I guess I've become show prep for the GOP debates now, too." Keep in mind, this joke was a Rush Limbaugh Original, unlike Limbaugh's words on the "35 UTL".

So, which is it, Rush? Are you upset when someone quotes the words you did not invent yourself but took credit for almost 30 years ago, but just fine when a GOP pundit lifts a joke off your radio show from the day before and passes it off as his own? If you want it both ways, please explain the distinction. If the distinction is that one is a POTUS that you don't like, a Dem, or someone you generally don't agree with, that's not really fair.

And how do you know that Obama was quoting you when you were not the original author of that particular thought. It's very possible that Obama got the words from Martin Luther King Jr, who also said them, or Harry Truman who had similar beliefs. You can't claim Obama was plagiarizing when a) he did not use your words as they were printed, and b) you were not even the first person to say them.

It's just hypocrisy, I know, but it alludes to the fact that people like Rush do not care if someone uses their words, unless those words are used by someone they don't like to make a point they don't want to agree with.

So, Mr. Limbaugh, by your reasoning, if I were to go out and say "Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat idiot," I am not plagiarizing Al Franken, because I'm making the same observation to make the same point that he was. That point being, you are a big, fat idiot.

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