Monday, September 26, 2011

The Unthinkable

Today, I was listening to a portion of the Glenn Beck radio program when I heard him say something that I actually agreed with. The discussion was in regards to two different articles that had quoted Obama from a speech the POTUS gave recently. In the AP version, the quote was written in such a way that it reflected how Obama pronounced the words (he didn't pronounce the "g" at the end of certain words, and so it was omitted when the AP quoted those words in print). In the MSNBC version, Obama's words were written out instead. Apparently, people took issue with this, saying that one side or the other was being racist. Now, Beck's response to this was to reprimand the people spending their time debating this because it's clear that it's not racially tinged. I agree with that statement. The way a quote is printed does not suggest something about the individual writing it. After all, both versions are correct.

Unfortunately, Beck lost me after that, but pulling a quote from Obama in which Obama describes using different tones and dialects based on the group he is speaking to. Beck of course took issue with this as well, claiming that Obama was a "chameleon," not a president.

I don't know if you've ever noticed this, but most humans tend to change their style of speech depending on the situation. The way I speak to people at work is different than how I speak to my wife. The way I speak to some friends is different than how I speak to others. This is typical of everyone, so I don't understand why Beck is trying to claim that Obama is any different for acknowledging this about himself. Apparently Beck has issues with self-awareness.

Beck goes on and on with his usual tirade, trying to tie all these random facts and bits of information together, with tones of mild concern and slight panic. He lost me after a while, but it's still interesting to note that underneath the insanity there is a mind down there that can actually say something other people agree with: PC has gone a bit too far, a quote is just a quote, and racism does not live on in correctly typing out the words of a President.

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