Friday, September 16, 2011

Let the Record speak for itself

It amazes me that the GOP will so readily obstruct, block, and dismantle everything that is put forward by Obama and the Dems. After all, don't the GOP say over and over again that the policies of the Obama administration are harmful for the U.S.? Don't they say that they are trying to drive up the deficit, drive us into debt, destroy jobs, and weaken our security?

If all that is true, then Obama wouldn't stand a chance in a reelection. If Obama were allowed to do everything he wanted and the GOP's claims were found to be accurate, then we'd be ushering in a conservative president as quickly as we can.

So I have to ask myself: if the worst thing for Obama is to be a failing president, and if Obama's policies will fail America, why not let him do what he wants? Surely, that would make him look bad, right? Hasn't the GOP reiterated time and again that Obama is all anti-jobs, anti-business, and anti-American? Why not let him prove it? If the GOP really wants to discredit Obama, shouldn't they be letting Obama's own legislation be doing that?

The only reason, then, that the GOP are looking to stop Obama's policies is because they know that they will work. They know they'll be successful and that Obama would get credit for turning the country around. Furthermore, if Obama succeeds, it proves that everything the GOP said was incorrect, which would further diminish their reputation. That's why it's so important for them to keep on stopping everything. If they let Obama get a victory, and it turns out to be helpful, it shows the GOP is really just about grabbing more power, even at the expense of the American and world economy.

Republicans should be getting out of the way in Washington. Let Obama make decisions, and if they are a mistake, the public will get that and vote him out. But having a dysfuntional government is not helping anyone, and it's hurting a lot of people. We need real leadership, real progress, and real hope for a change.

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