Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Freedom of Speech is a two-sided coin

This is one of those articles that makes me feel physically ill. It's so amazingly un-American, discriminatory, and un-democratic that it amazes me the author can even think he's standing for U.S. values. What bothers me even more than the article itself, though, are the comments that are attached to it. Some of those include people insinuating that the only people who should be allowed to vote are wealthy individuals, white men, or people who generally believe what they believe in. There are comments that express how a person's voting power should be equivalent to the amount they pay in taxes to the government.

It's free speech. It's legal. I'm not saying they are wrong for what they believe. But I believe that they are un-American, bigoted, racist, sexist, and incredibly ignorant. And just as it's their right to say those things, It's my right to say these:

- I believe in socialized medicine for America.
- I believe Barack Obama could have been the best President in history if the GOP had put the country before the party
- I believe that corporate welfare is wrong, that social welfare is right, and that giving people opportunities is better than the bottom line.
- I believe the Tea Party is a group of racist, scared, angry, ignorant bigots who don't understand half the things they hear or say.
- I believe that abortion must be legal, available, and hopefully rare.
- I believe that people like the ones who write or support the things written in the article above are as dangerous to our way of life as Al Qaeda, but I believe we have to respect them just the same.
- I believe the Oakland Raiders can win the Superbowl if they would only stick with a head coach for more than one season and tighten up their offense.

Call me a communist, socialist, terrorist, idealist, whatever. It's my opinion, my personal belief, and no one else has the right to say that my blind faith in the Raiders is wrong. Or any of the rest of it.

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