Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Class Warfare

There's a new buzzword floating around Washington right now, courtesy of the GOP: "Class Warfare." It's not new really, but it has been resurrected with great popularity in the last week or so as Obama has unveiled his new Buffet Rule, which would raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and balance it against cuts to the government medical programs. This has been a real hot-button issue, since it is Obama's first hard stance against the GOP in his presidency. As it has been said many times, the president no longer has the crisis of total government shutdown and default looming over him. He can take his time with the negotiations, stand his ground, and make the choice to fight the GOP on their own turf.

This article explains the GOP position very well, and offers some interesting thoughts on why the GOP are acting the way that they are. They are willing to allow $3 Trillion in cuts and taxes to fail so they can prove that Obama is a failure. They are rattling on about how Obama is sparking class warfare when, as the article points out, is what the GOP has been doing for years.

The GOP have been systematically dismantling the middle class, and it's time we put our foot down and demanded better from our representatives. Trying to destroy the American Middle Class for the benefit of big business and the wealthy is not something we should be proud of.

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