Friday, April 1, 2011

Pundits and the GOP

Katrina vanden Heuvel has a great piece on how crazy punditry in the media has become. She describes several people that have been called on to discuss issues such as Libya and the economy when those individuals have been known historically to be bad influences on these things. For example, former Col. Oliver North, who orchestrated the involvement in Nicaragua under Reagan, was brought on to Fox news to tell people why Obama was wrong not to seek Congressional approval for his action in Libya.

Then, you have the GOP, who are scrounging for candidates that are either a)not insane, b)not stupid, or c)not hypocrites. They're having a tough time with this, and their inability to nail down a decisive candidate could very well lead to a second Obama term.

The thing that strikes me is how serious everyone is about ignoring the obvious reasons for these issues. It should be clear that the conservative base of the GOP can't produce a candidate because it is in shambles. It should be clear that Americans allow someone like Alan Greenspan to discuss how we can fix the recession because we have become numb to hypocrisy, history, or both. No one cares anymore about who is saying what, or even what they're saying. What matters is how they say it and how firmly they believe what spills forth from their minds and mouths. Everything has become opinion because it can't be disproved.

I suppose you can't blame the GOP. After all, their base finally blown a fuse and splintered apart, becoming the illustrious Tea Party. No wonder they are having trouble; this may be the first time there is no consensus on the Right, and they don't know how to fight a civil war in their party.  And you really can't blame the media. They've been forced into a collective ADD and amnesia where everything that happened last month is "old news" unless it still sells newspapers or air time.

So, what can you say, other than that the GOP is trying to run unstable candidates, the media are using unstable pundits, and the people are being subjected to unstable talking points and opinion thanks to our privately owned media system.

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