Thursday, March 17, 2011

Union percentages

Here's a great visual to outline the percentage of American workers in a given state that are part of unions. It should come as no surprise to most people that the states with the lowest percentages are Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas, and North Carolina. The highest percentage states are Rhode Island, Michigan, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, Washington, Hawaii, Alaska, and New York.

I find it interesting that the states with the lowest percentage of workers in unions are mostly southern conservative states. These are states that traditionally go overwhelmingly republican in elections, tend to favor conservative legislation, and are the focus of GOP campaigns every reelection cycle. They are the backbone of conservative power in America, and that impact can be seen in these numbers.

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PatriotSGT said...

A few observations about unions. I think they are good to protect the small guy against big corporations, who will make business decisions during labor contracts based on profit. For example: negotiating positivly with unions keeps experienced motivated employees, who typically are more productinve and higher skilled. The employees win and so does the corporation. However with government I am agaist unions because the government is not profit driven and historically wastefull. They certainly do not care about a bottom line and have no incentive to bargain hard or make tough choices with the unions, they can just raise taxes on the rest of the population.

Also, there are instances in my home state for example where the power company has allows workers to vote to become unionized or not about every 5 years. The workers consistently vote no, because they get a better deal with this company then the unions could offer and believe it gives the comapny more flexibllity whhich ends up benefitting them.