Monday, March 14, 2011

A fiscal slap in the face

Didn't pick up on this until late, but thought it was certainly worth a post. I thought that Wisconsin would be the worst and that public backlash would scare other conservative lawmakers toward making better choices for the public. Instead, we get this.

To be clear, this is a bill that allows a person to be appointed by the governor (rather than elected) who will perform several illegal and immoral acts in the community without any oversight, warning, or limitation other than their own twisted imagination. Oh, and they don't have to have even the most basic understanding of the area they are dealing with. So, a person who has never taken a course or class on education could very well be put in charge of teacher's contracts and school budgets. A person could simply fire any elected official that they don't like on the grounds that it will save money.

Welcome to the end of Democracy. And thank you to MI for this rousing performance. You have outshone WI in your complete disregard for human dignity and the democratic process. Sleep tight.

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