Tuesday, March 1, 2011

federal budget

The federal budget is still being debated in Washington and we've heard over and over how the cuts are going to be deep and generally in the field of social services and environmental and health care programs. The GAO just released a report outlining areas of overlap and excess expenditure that they feel could save billions of dollars a year for taxpayers. Of course, FOX picked this up and is running a piece on it. One of the comments on the article was this:

"I'm not seeing the part where it says the EPA, the DOEng, DOEd, and the DOAg are all completely illegal and unnecessary, to name a few to start. Every single penny spent on them is a waste of money."

Just to be clear, this person is asserting that the EPA, as well as departments of energy, education, and agriculture are illegal and that we don't even need them. The possibility of going without these programs is as scary as the possibility of going without public education, and learning being limited to those who can afford private schools. By gutting things like education, state-funded schools falter and fail as the costs for their work increases and they receive less help. Then, those who oppose their existence can claim that they are broken and costly luxuries, that they aren't even performing the tasks they are supposed to, and can argue for their closure.

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