Monday, March 28, 2011

Entitlement Reform

This is a great blog post by Robert Creamer about why the proposed entitlement reform is a bad thing. He lays out some very good arguments about the root causes of the reform movement, their intentions and goals in arguing for reforms of entitlements, and what those changes will cost the average American. I strongly recommend reading it.

Along with entitlement reform, Conservatives are seeking to cut eligibility of households to participate in the Food Stamp program if a working member of that household is on strike. What it essentially does is tell people that, if they are fighting for better wages and benefits to be able to support their family, they will now lose the safety net they depend on. Oh, and the bill also adds the following to the Declaration of Policy in the Food Stamp program:

"Congress further finds that it should also be the goal of the food stamp program to increase employment, to encourage healthy marriage, and to promote prosperous self-sufficiency which shall mean the ability of households to maintain an income above the poverty level without Government services and benefits."

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