Thursday, March 24, 2011

the art of doublespeak

Newt Gingrich, the cheating, brainy GOP champion of the 90's, has been flopping like a dying fish all over the air waves, criticizing Obama for being too friendly with Libya, then criticizing Obama for doing exactly what Newt said he should.

Gingrich, like so many GOPers these days, is trying everything he can to discredit the President, even if it means contradicting himself. Conservatives don't care about the hypocrisy of their own arguments because, as long as they are making people upset and angry with Obama, they're doing their job.

In the great book 1984, there is a scene where a politician is giving a speech during "Hate Week." During the speech, he is ranting and raving against Eurasia, the enemy. Then, an aide comes up and whispers in his ear and, in mid-sentence, the speaker switches his attack to Eastasia, and all the people simply accept the change in that moment. This is a lot like how our current conservatives seem to operate. They spit and scream about something Obama does, but when he changes tactics and acquiesces to their demands, they begin to spit and scream about that as well and setting themselves up to oppose it. Obama compromised on health care reform, the wars, Guantanamo Bay, the budget, and just about every other major piece of legislation. Yet every time he did this, the GOP screamed about it.

Quite regularly, Rush Limbaugh explains Obama's incompetence by saying that Obama has failed to close "Club Gitmo", one of his campaign promises. Before Obama was elected, Limbaugh slammed him for wanting to close the prison, saying it would compromise national security. Now that it's being left open, Limbaugh is slamming Obama for being ineffectual and being unable to get anything done.

This consistent doublethink by the GOP should have made people aware of the kind of fear and hate-mongering they perpetuate against their opponents. There is no acknowledgment of facts, no acknowledgment of compromise by the Left, just attack for their actions, whether the GOP once promoted them or not. At least Newt is among friends.

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