Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some things to shake your head at

Just some examples of how ridiculous things are getting out there.

South Dakota legislators might be trying to protect the rights of the unborn, but they've done so by threatening the life of others. They are seriously considering....seriously considering...a bill that would expand the definition of justifiable homicide to include anyone who would bring harm to a fetus (in other words, abortion doctors).

According to USNews, the IRS is going to be hiring over 1,000 new agents to enforce new tax codes, including 81 to enforce new tanning salon taxes. The price tag for this is over $350 million.

ABC News complains that the President is using versatile media tools to reach the people that have nothing to do with "traditional press," never mind that these versatile media tools add up to a Youtube channel, Facebook page, Twitter, and various other internet outlets. The funny thing is how ABC News calls this "State-Run Media," and how their existence compromises the transparency of the administration and the ability of the mainstream media to report on them. I wonder why they would say that when many of these media outlets being used by Obama are free to access. Has ABC News just gotten lazy and started looking for an excuse as to why they can't report on the president?

Donald Rumsfeld receives the coveted "Defender of the Constitution" award at the recent CPAC conference, presented by Dick Cheney. Yeah...

And finally, Birthers are still around after almost a full term under Obama. This is one of those crazy conspiracy theories that has only become legitimized because of the media coverage it's received. I know some people honestly believe that our president is foreign born, but for the life of me I can't understand how they can provide solid evidence for this.

Update: Here's one more. Mike Beard of Minnesota believes that the Earth is full of limitless resources and that, since we will never run out of things like oil and coal, we should just continue to burn them because there will be no long-term effects. Makes complete sense, right?

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