Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fighting to the death for the unborn

A new piece of legislation has been put forth in Georgia. It follows in the footsteps of a South Dakota bill that would make it legal to murder abortion doctors. This bill in GA would make abortion and miscarriage a crime punishable by life in prison or death. Yes, if you're a woman in GA and you have a miscarriage, you can be put to death if this bill passes. Which it probably won't. As you can read here, there is a lot of stuff packed into this bill that makes me think the GA Rep. Bobby Franklin might be just a tad bit insane.

I'm all for protecting the rights of all citizens, and I am personally pro-life. However, I will never support a bill that bans or criminalizes abortion because I don't think it's right for me to impose my moral beliefs on others. I'm not the one who's pregnant, and so I should not be allowed to make that decision. Besides, many times a miscarriage is not something anyone has control over, but happens for a good reason. It's nature's way of ending a pregnancy when there is a problem with the fetus. The fact is, abortion is a choice, and most women choose not to get one if/when they get pregnant. But if there is even one person in this country (and there are a couple more than one, I think) who wants an abortion, they should be allowed to get one.

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