Thursday, January 20, 2011

The debate over life

One of the constant political platforms in Washington is the fight over abortion rights. The funny thing about abortion is that it never seems to get resolved. One theory is that the GOP has no intention of ever making abortion illegal, and that the argument is simply a ploy for votes since they can essentially suck up all the pro-lifers to vote for them due to that one issue.

I'm a pro-choice guy, but not because I don't value the life of the unborn. I believe that abortion should be legal, available, and rare. It has to be applied for, screened for, and only seldom executed in special circumstances.

There are several reasons I tell people that I'm pro-choice. I don't think that it is the government's job to regulate morality. The issue of abortion is a personal choice, with some people thinking one way and others thinking another way. It's not something so cut and dry that it can be made illegal. There are horror stories from the days before abortion legality, before our current health system, when doctors would carry out moral acts on others without consent. One example is a woman who continually had miscarriages and was made infertile by doctors without consent to keep her from "killing again."

Imagine what would happen if abortion was actually made illegal. For one thing, it wouldn't stop people getting the procedure, it would just make it much more dangerous. Secondly, it would be infringing on the rights of the living in order to preserve the rights of the unborn, something expressly deranged and illogical based on the moral beliefs of a particular group.

You can't legislate morality, just like you can't tell other people to eat right or exercise for their own health.

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