Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Plug for Noam Chomsky

I just have to say that Noam Chomsky must be one of the most supremely gifted and well-spoken activists in our world today. This is a man of such incredible persuasion of mind and morality that he cannot be refuted. His works, dating back to the 60's, have laid much of the work for today's movement for true Democracy.

When reading his papers, which are all posted here, you come away with the sense that Chomsky must have been able to predict the future. The things he discusses, even decades ago now, are still so relevant and instructive. His work could easily be a college course by itself (and I certainly would have taken it!).

One of his earliest papers is called The Responsibility of Intellectuals, written in 1967, and discusses the role of those who have the gift of a) a higher-than-normal intelligence, and b) the ability to receive and understand information. This is, of course, before the Information Age of computers and long before the Internet where anyone can find just about anything. It's also before major media corporations such as News Corp. came to dominate our media outlets. And yet, the arguments he puts forth are still very relevant. The examples he gives are equally important because they give us a definite timeline, and show us that the things we see now are merely extensions of actions and mentalities that our elected and non-elected leaders have taken for decades (some might argue centuries).

I don't know if this has come across yet, but I am full of respect for Mr. Chomsky. I feel that, despite his being in the latter years of life, he is still a powerful and intuitive thinker and activist, one we should be listening to and following, even if only in our own little way.

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